Mustang Retro Rear

I loved the 2005 Mustang rear end. Now that I am able to consider a purchase it's not so nice. Ford lost track in the search for History. I'd like to see a flip back to the earlier taillight treatment, and recessed panel.
David F 08/08/2012
The rear end of the 1964-1966 Mustang was flatter.
Then the 1967-1969 was curved, more or less like the current Second model of the 5th generation Mustang.
And the 1970-1973 was flatter again.
And the 1967 Mercury Cougar had the sequential turn signals.
You can image search all of these cars.
I'm saying that you can't have a car that looks like a Boss/Mach/i6/V8/GT/Shelby/Modern generic car, etc...
The first generation of Mustangs was clearly an evolutionary growing process for the American muscle/pony car, at least up until the 1970s gas crisis...
Kathy 07/29/2012
I have a 67 mustang, the big difference is I can seat 4 comfortly in mine, my son has a 2000 and if you ride in the back seat you are smashed. I want to see the new mustang seat 4 comfortly, I know you can do it and still look awsom.