Mustang back seat like that of a 66 fast-back

By Kit B.

My 66 fast-back had a fold down back seat, giving it a 2-seat sports car feel. A place to through your work out bag w/o popping the trunk ect... and a good reason not to give unwanted people a ride. It was back in high school. The new ponies have the fold down but it opens up through to the trunk, not the same!
Miguel A 03/20/2014
I was about to post the same idea in here. Everyone complain about the back seat of the Mustangs... First of all they ain't that small, I'm a tall guy and I can fit on them, but giving that "dead space" some use with folding seats would be a really neat option.
David F 12/18/2012
Wonderful idea! Ford, I hope you are listening!
The 66 fastback is such an amazing classic!