I'm a huge mustang fan so my idea is for mustangs. Personally the 2012-2013 mustang model is one of the best models made. The next mustang model should be called Angel. What's beefed than an angel. They are beautiful mystic creatures, just like the mustang with a beautiful body and a mystifying g engine. The body of this mustang "Angel" should have the body type of the Shelby yet have more horsepower and a bigger engine. It should only come in white with few extras. The extras could consist of decals wheels, roof, race kit (pedals, steering wheel, etc.) the interior dashboard would be solid wood as would the side panels an a few other prices. I would love to talk to a representative more about this if possible. As much as any other ford lover I would like to see Ford remain a strong industry. My dream is to design a mustang module and possibly work for Ford.