Mustang 4-Wheel Drive

Hello Guys!

First, I would like to thank that you guys take a look at this post.

I just wondering about Mustang. I'm an Indonesian and I never see any Mustang in my country. At first time, I see a Mustang and a history of it, I really love this car. This car is affordable for nice-looking car. I also didn't know that Mustang is like a part of American's history and it's like a landmark for American car.

I'm a college student and hopefully will buy my own Mustang. I live in New England area which is a lot of snow. As you know, Mustang is rear-wheel drive so it's idle during Winter which is sad. This problem really an obstacle for me to consider of buying Mustang. For me, if I buy a Mustang, driving it and own it are the only thing that I want.

I just wondering if it is possible to buy Mustang with four-wheel drive?
What's the bad thing if it's changed into four-wheel drive?

Maybe that's my question or maybe ideas. Sorry if this idea sounds silly, I know a lot of Mustang fans are like "HAH!?" LOL. But it just question. Any comments, I would really appreciate it.
sharon goss 08/21/2012
I have owned several Mustangs over the years. I, also live in a very snowy region and because of the design it is not always a good idea to drive a Stang on winter roads.
I keep telling myself when they come out with either a front wheel drive or 4 wheel drive Mustang, I will buy again....only thing stopping me. Think about it, whole new concept and a great idea !!!