I believe the 2015 Mustang is amazing as it stands. I just like seeing more muscle and definition on the Mustang, and that's how I think it should be. As bad as it sounds the big builky hood was just Mustang without a question. I know retro isn't really around like it used to be or what not, but I think the new hood is completely rounded off. I think you should add some more muscle to the hood and the whole car that is, don't get me wrong it is a Mustang and is a nice one. But if you took off the badges and said what one is Mustang, I'd pick the builky one.
Melissa 05/09/2014
I agree. I do not like the look of the 2015 at all. It looks so european, and so away from what a true Mustang looks like. Don't like it. Hope you change it back!!!