MKZ enhancements

By Jeff J.

I am a Lincoln mkz 2011 owner and potential owner of a new model. I can not stress enough that you need to give the Lincoln more visual impact when a potential customer opens the door on a new Licoln mkz , mkc, or whatever the model. The new Black Label series is great but there are 3 key areas that can greatly impact my decision to buy or not to buy. You need to have a wheel option for people that love chrome wheels and other chrome features. The chrome wheels need to stand out amongst the crowd. They need to be unique and glisten like diamonds. You need to upgrade the steering wheel. Lincoln is your luxury brand. You need wood on your steering wheel. Nice Wood! And lastly the center console needs to be way more visually pleasing. It is way too plain. It needs to exude luxury with beautiful exotic wood. I want to open the door and see that center stack and say wow that is awesome! You're not quite there. Do these things and I will be a buyer. Thanks Keep Up the great work.