Mini Van

By Mary K.

Personally I think you should bring back the Mini Van. We have owned 2 Aerostars, 2 Windstars and 1 Freestar. We bought a Toyota Sienna because you don't make the Mini Vans anymore. It was the perfect  size for us and our dogs. We were disappointed at not getting another Ford.
Brian B 01/07/2014
Mary K. makes a great point.  There's a reason why mini vans were such hot sellers in the past.

Ease of entry and egress, combined with comfy seats including ample leg rooms for family vacations with the dog are critical.

My family had always had an extended Aerostar as we could travel 1,500 miles and not worry about legroom, and keep the dog in a full size crate behind the third row.  Try that in a Flex!

The Aerostar was big, but that was its strength.  If it were paired to a modern V6 it would get decent mileage, as it was surprisingly aerodynamic.  Ford used to advertise it next to a space shuttle for its drag coefficient!  It's drag coefficient is within 4% of the Flex.

Ford is losing out on a large portion of the market by ignoring the need for a mini van.  Especially an AWD minivan.  My family has 4 vehicles, 3 are Fords, one is a Chrysler.  Guess why, the Chrysler is a minivan.