mini truck

Since the price of gas doesn't seem to be going down.  The Ford Ranger may be a good thing to put back in production.  Or a truck that is about that size.  Thank you                               sandy
Ralph C 11/07/2013
Mazda has a mini truck, just make it US road worthy. Boom done.
Ralph C 11/07/2013
Should go even simpler. Like those Japanese mini trucks. Small, affordable, easy to maintain. I just need to go to home depot to pickup some 2x4s and mulch. Not going long distance, not take the girl to the dance either.
Robert T 09/05/2013
Sounds like a simple Ranger.
Scott B 08/30/2013
Or how about Ford having a market completely to itself with something the size of the original Ford Courier! No crew cab, no endless list of options, no fussy styling, just a nice little square-shouldered truck that would be great for light homeowner chores or an alternative to the endless sea of 4-door sedans.