Mini Camper

By John G.

In the Ford display at SEMA 2010, there was a Transit Connect camper. While it needed some improvements to the layout, the idea of an American-branded, fuel-efficient "day trip"/overnight camper is long past due. The minimum features should include on-board toilet facilities, food preparation and storage (refrigerator, stove, microwave) and sleeping capacity for at least two adults (two adults and two kids would be even better).

A high-efficiency turbo diesel could make this an excellent special event and camping vehicle.

There are many mini-campers in Europe, but virtually none here. Conventional American RVs are too large, too expensive, and too fuel-thirsty. SUVs and CUVs are worthless for camping. An innovative small "camper van" could be an excellent way to expand Ford's "sustainable"l van sales . it would also help Ford promote fuel efficiency.
Erik G 03/04/2014
I love the idea of transit / transit connect pop up camper conversion. I agree with Frank that a toilet is not at the top of the list. The stove, hot water, possibly an outside shower like many rv's, fridge, and a pop top so that it can sleep 4 and have the head room are all key in my book. Also believe there is an opportunity to include on idle reducing cabin heater like those used in tractor trailor cabins and boats. There are many very fuel efficient models that run off of the diesel fuel tank and will heat the cabin w/out the need to start the engine, therefore a very sustainable solution. Some examples of folks that manufacture these heaters are Webasto, Mikuni, Planar, Eberspacher. Maybe there could even be a more aligned partnership with one of the conversion companies like sportsmobile to help achieve all of this at a reasonable cost.
Frank Cavanagh 09/09/2011
I'd buy a Transit Connect camper in a heartbeat. For my purposes I'd not need the toilet but would want a pop-top for stand-up room.