Midsized Truck Needed

By Clay B.

Not all of us need a full sized truck.  In fact, I would bet the majority of truck owners curse their full sized trucks every day when they try to park them in any store lot.  I would like to see Ford introduce an F-100 Series truck, larger than the old Ranger but smaller than the F-150.  I presently drive a Nissan Frontier, but I would prefer a Ford with an Eco-boost V-6.  You make a truck like this that gets 23mpg and produces 270 hp and you got me hooked, a long with millions of others.  Nissan was going to discontinue the Frontier but they realized the value of this product and kept it.  I presently have a 2007 Frontier Crew Cab with 40,000 miles on it and use it for everything.  I personally prefer Ford products because of the quality (we also own a 2010 Ford Escape Unlimited and love it). Do a national survey, I would bet the numbers of those hungry for a good smaller truck would astound you.
Trent L 05/19/2014
Ford already makes a 4 door ranger with 5 cylinder disiel that can get 30 mpg and pull 7000 lbs. Sold in 180 countries except here. One plant is in south africa which is exempt fromt the chicken tax so there is no reason why ford cannot import them from that country.
Howie T 05/06/2014
I was thinking the SAME EXACT THING a few weeks ago. I have owned two Rangers over the last several years (an extended cab and now a standard cab) and have always wanted a little more room inside the cab. I will soon be shopping for another vehicle since my kids are getting older and are driving now and I will ALMOST consider another brand like the Nissan Frontier. I would like a big truck, but the F-150 would be a waste, right now, for what I will use it for.
peter q 04/28/2014
Exactly. Full size trucks are too big for my parking space at work, for the city or for the driveway at our townhouse. I have a Tacoma and am ready for a new truck. Would love to have that aluminum F150 right sized for me and many others.