Midsize Pickup

By Adam W.

Please introduce a midsize pickup.  There is a huge market for people who want the utility, but not size, of a full size truck.  Introduce a smaller F150 with the same luxury interior and decent ecoboost engine options.  Don't be afraid of a $40K+ msrp for a loaded crew cab - people will buy it!  The new gmc Canyon is a perfect example, but still doesn't have that Ford quality interior and tough looks.  I recently had an F150 Supercrew, but had to trade it in due to it being a bit too large.  I loved the interior and utility.  Just downsize it a bit and make it the F100, or a brand new (and slightly larger) Ranger.  Something the size of the overseas Ranger would be a good start  --  10% smaller than an F150 still makes a huge difference.  Don't miss out on this market and potential truck customers.  With the Canyon, Colorado, and new Tacoma coming, Ford needs something.
Dominic P 01/21/2014
 Ford is my first choice in trucks, but if Ford can't build what I'm looking for (American designed and manufactured manual shift) then I have to look elsewhere as I currently am. Currently, the Canyon will not offer a manual for the first year until GM receives demand from it's customers. Dodge heavy duty is another truck I'm looking into and I'm also going to wait on the all-new Tacoma's and Frontier's. I don't want to drive an import truck, but at least they may be as domestic or more domestic in content than the domestic trucks. And as far as RELIABILITY goes, Ford, GM and dodge have not proven themselves YET in this department.