Manual transmissions as an extra cost option

By T R.

Hi Ford, I know manual transmissions are not in high demand nowadays, and I understand that modern automatics are reaching levels of efficiency that make the standard transmissions almost obsolete. That said, there are many enthusiasts like myself who have a strong preference for manual transmissions as we simply enjoy driving them. I know it doesn't make financial sense for you to offer them as a low volume option at a lesser or even cost as in the past, but why not offer them as an additional cost option? I recognize that it takes more effort and engineering cost to offer 2 transmissions, so why not pass that cost on to those of us who want them and are willing to pay? I'll gladly pay extra and will wait as long as it takes for a special order truck. Please Ford, don't make me buy another terrible Ram 2500 just to get a stickshift. It's new truck time and I really, really don't want another terrible quality Ram truck or to ever set foot in a Chrysler dealer again for that matter, but that's my only choice for a stickshift truck. F150 or F250 doesn't matter to me, but I assume you'd sell more sticks in the Super Duty line and that they would be more profitable trucks. Thanks for listening (hopefully).
David M 04/05/2014
I am going to be buying a pick up truck in the next year or two and I will either go small and buy a Toyota Tacoma or Dodge Ram 2500, but would prefer a F150 manual.
Craig M 04/02/2014
Definitely bring manual transmissions back, across the entire truck lineup! I get that the automatics have gotten more efficient (but they will never be as efficient as a well driven manuals), but no computer/electronically controlled automatic can see, understand and adapt the shifting to driving conditions like a good driver. The 6R80 in my F150 has been notably BAD lately, making me wish I had my '94 with the 5spd manual back.
Paul D. T 02/08/2014
I agree.  If Ford will not offer the option, does anyone know of a Ford authorized conversion center that would remove the automatic and install a manual with the base warranty of the truck still covered??
Felicia S 01/19/2014
Totaly agree, bring back the manual!   Automatics are no fun... I prefer being able to shift.   I would pay a bit more to have manual over auto, as many of us probably would!
John B 01/14/2014
I have to completely agree I too would pay for the option to get a Ford instead of ram.
Daniel M 12/13/2013
No manual transmission = no sale to me. I would pay more to get a manual and would be happy to wait for it. I special ordered a 2002 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD back in 2002 when you still could, and I will drive it until the wheels fall off if I can't get a new truck with a manual transmission. I love the looks and performance abilities of the new F-250 super duty, but I absolutely refuse to buy a truck with an automatic transmission.
Ben J 12/10/2013
If Ford does not bring this option back I will be following you into a Chrystler dealership as well.  
Drew J 10/15/2013