Manual Transmission - Fusion

By Eric B.

Pretty simple idea really. I love the Fusion and was hoping to buy one. However, I want my next car to be very well equipped to include a sunroof BUT I want the four cyl and manual transmission. I fully realize that manual transmissions are not a big seller, and even less when combined with a high content vehicle. That being said, Honda offers the fully loaded Accord with a manual and they do sell them. They don't sell many, but they do sell enough to justify the package.

For those of us that love a manual transmission, an automatic is NOT an upgrade. Thanks!
marleyb 06/05/2010
I currently drive a '98 Contour SE Sport V6 with a 5-speed manual. Needless to say, it's getting old and I want to replace it (even though I LOVE the car!). Ideally, the Fusion would be the car for me. I refuse to buy an automatic because I like to DRIVE my car. I was devastated to find out I can't get a new car with a stick unless I get a four-banger that has nowhere near the power of my Contour. (yes, I know the HP&Torque numbers are higher on the new 4-cylinder than my Contour, but you need to rev the snot out of it to get that Contour has WAY more grunt down at the low RPM's, which is great for regular driving)
I am hoping and praying that when the 2012 fusion comes in, it will have the 2.0L ecoboost that should have some down-low grunt WITH A MANUAL TRANSMISSION OPTION.
I've noticed that the automatic is now "standard equipment" on most vehicles, and I guess that's great for most people, but if you don't want to change that, could you not at least make the manual an "option" that would be available? Heck, I'd even pay a little extra just to get a stick.
bepsf 04/16/2010
And while you're at it - can you make a "Spoiler Delete" option for Milan and SHO?

Some of us know that these are just extra weight and look silly on a Mercury or a Taurus...
...not all of us are Boy-Racers - we just want a nice comfortable car.