manual transmission

For the people at ford, I have been a for man my whole life I have always had a for pickup. It upsets me to hear that ford dose not offer a manual transmission in there trucks not even the superduty. I will have a hard time buying a new ford pickup without a manual trans. If you are serious about your customers please offer a manual transmission as an option inyour trucks again. I know that I know that I am not the only person that feels this was so I ask of you to please take this into consideration me buying another ford truck depends on it thank you for your time.
Janet R 09/12/2013
I agree. As life-long Ford buyers, this is enough for my husband and I to switch brands unless I can get a manual Escape next year.
David G 02/05/2013
I can write a thesis, but basically, I agree wholeheartedly!

Manual tranny. Would love to see one in a Raptor as well!
William M 01/10/2013
They have already made me buy a ram. It sucks...but 6000 cheaper for something I dont really want is better than 6000 more for something I dont really want. I started this same type of correspondence with ford back in 2004 when they first came out with King Ranch and it had no manual....I was very upset, I wrote letters and all sorts of things. I even got a personal call from a ford rep about it (that really surprised me) but they still would not do it. My dodge is not a ford at all, but it works everyday for me.
Tom T 12/28/2012
I agree. I am ready to buy if Ford offered what I am looking for.
Jesse B 12/27/2012
I agree I almost bought a ram in 2011 and will take a serious look next time only because of the manual option. Please don't make us buy a ram!