manual trans. conversion kit (do it yourself)

Provide a 'do it yourself' kit to convert new trucks from auto transmission to manual transmission. Possibly using old transmission designs and parts.
I own a 1992 Ford Explorer, which started life as an automatic, and after that a4ld blew up I converted to 5-speed m50d (ranger, explorer, aerostar manual transmission). I think ford customers like me are so desperate for manual transmissions that WE MIGHT ARE WILLING TO DO IT OURSELVES! please just provide us with the parts and instructions to do so.
Randy E 01/27/2013
I would just rather they offer a manual transmission instead, but this sounds like a good idea if they are going to keep discontinuing them. When my wife buys an Explorer I would gladly take her Escape if it were a manual. Even if I had to make it one on my own.