making cars that are lincoln for younger people

By Rick G.

if ford could design a more sleek and cooler lincoln for the younger generation i think lincoln would be able to come back from the grave that gm has made for the lincoln's like something that is high tech cool with cool features like part asist and standard navigation stuff like that and make it affordible for the younger generation to afford and less stricter rules about getting financed and make a car that all the teens want including people in their 20' and 30's would like.
Jake J 07/15/2012
Check out the 2013 MKZ!!!
Michael M 03/04/2012
Totally agree with you. Cadillac has done this and Buick is trying. Ford can easily do this with Lincoln because they have done it with the Ford sedan lineup.
Isaac J 03/03/2012
Lincoln needs a small sezed sedan to attract younger buyers as well as offer substantial competition to the compact luxury segment Lincoln has been totally absent from.