make more standard

I worked for one some of your compatition before retirement as a maintenaince technician. I know what a big job it is to do such things as add or change the location of a weld nut. My question is could you make such things as wiring harness a little more standard. Take for example if you have a xlt Superduty but would like to change out your manual climate control to an automatic climate control. It should be cheaper to make one or two harnesses as standard instead of half a dozen or more. You should be able to sell more parts to customers who want to personalize thier car or truck.
chad s 02/21/2014
having trouble locating a work truck. Went to the build your f150 site. after the process the truck was everything i wanted , 29k standard work truck. No dealer has this truck, just chromed out 40k and up trucks.