Make Fog Lamps Standard

By Bart H.

Make Fog Lamps Standard.... I really enjoy having fog lamps. I drive with them on at night on busy 2 lane roads so I do not have to constantly switch from Hi to Low beams. The added light is great, and also helps to light up the lines on the road. The problem is that Fog Lamps for some reason are seen a a luxury. You can usually never get them in the low package options. In most cases I find them in the highest package only. For 2 light bulbs... really?
Joe P 02/27/2014
The fogs should be standard for a number of reasons. Yes, safety is one. Additional, style and marketing. There is no question that from a style stand point, the fog lamp package makes the car look smart and sharp. This rolls right into the marketing aspect. No matter what level of product is offered, certain things should always remain consistent; brand image, safety level, and curb appeal. Let me be clear regarding curb appeal, no matter matter what the sub model, when the product is seen on the street, it should alway make people stop and look. And that enhances all of the Ford Products.
Roxanne P 01/30/2013
Yes, fog lamps should be standard on all models. It is a safety issue. Fog lamps are not a luxury accessory, yet Ford likes to bundle them in packages with leather seats. Please make them standard or at least offer them as a separate option.
Roxanne P 01/30/2013
My sentiments exactly! This is a safety issue, not a luxury accessory! Fog lamps should be a standard item like airbags now are, or at least until that time should be offered as a single option. I found them offered as part of a package that included leather seats--two totally unrelated items.