Make driver cockpit larger

This idea is part of a power point presentation that I did for a class. I have been encouraged to share it with Ford but i cannot find a way to submit the entire file. Hopefully, someone will send me an email address so I can submit the entire presentation.

Top 5 largest vehicles are to small for a male 6’2, 300lbs
Leg room and width of cockpit are to small
Ford Flex, F-150, Taurus, Edge, and Explorer all have the same size cockpit
Center counsel to wide
Driver sit does not go back far enough
Height of cockpit to short
Driver seat retracted and lowered to fit a 6’2, 300lbs male reduces visibility by a 30° angle
phil m 02/13/2013
Patrick C is absolutely right, and this is been going on for a few years: Mom's '09 Sable's center console is about 2 or 3 inches wider than it needs to be (what all is inside that thing, anyway?) Thinking about replacing our Windstar - a star performer of 11 years & 200,000 mi. - but a new Flex is a tighter fit :(
Patrick C 02/01/2013
All of the new fords are cramped vehicles with much less room for the driver than previous models. They all have very tall massive center consoles that really restrict room. I test drove a Taurus at an auto show and basically told the ford representative that I would only last about 30 minutes with my leg pinned up against the console. A 2005 Focus has far more room for the driver that the current Taurus, Fusion and Focus and the Lincoln MKS and new MKZ have the exact same issue. Its just astounding that I can slide into a Honda Civic sedan with no issues and be comfortable but be miserable in a Taurus, a much bigger car! I think that Ford is now a function follows form company as far as interiors are concerned.
Jeffrey Z 02/01/2013
I'm sorry, but I disagree. I have a 2011 F150 Raptor. I am 270# and 6'4" tall. I have no trouble fitting in this truck. The seat adjusts with plenty of leg room and GOBS of head room. Add the adjustable pedals and it can be adjusted to fit nearly all drivers. As for the other models mentioned, I am unaware of other models, but the Raptor is fine.