Make a Mini Flex

Create "Flex Mini" or "Flex Jr." Basically, a four seater Flex that so that Ford can compete in the boxy car segment which is dominated by the Scion xB and Nissan Cube. I think a well proportioned, small Flex could be just the thing Ford needs to get young people excited about Ford again.
Corey Lange 01/25/2012
Hmmmm isn't the mini Flex already called just that... the MINI?? If you made the Flex small, it wouldn't be very Flex-ible.
N. Rodriguez 12/21/2011
Ford should stay out of that class of vehicles, I mean, what's the point of them? They pretty much serve the same pourpose as the Focus, or any other small car out there, while looking much worse.
Brad Barefoot 12/12/2011
Wesley you're right. If you'd to see a small Flex go to the Ford/UK website and look at the UK/Fusion. With a few extra bells and whistles that little guy would have people saying, XB who? The UK/Fusion I feel would be a great mini-wagon ... oh-no I said the "w" word. Make that a great crossover tall car.