Mach 1 Mustang

Many people want to see a new mach one. Ford heres my idea Insted of the Mach 1 beeing its own model have it be an apperance package for V8 cars. kind of like the 87-93 fox bodys GTs. give the mach one ground effects shaker hood scoop and a mach 1 stripe similar to the ones found on the 1971-3 mustangs. Give the Mach 1 classic styled wheels. And you guys would seel a ton of Mach 1s. It worked with the GT fox body mustangs and will work now.
T C 09/29/2012
A modern classic style Mach 1 Stang - Sweeeet! If only Ford would build it.
They also need to bring back the Torino and Thunderbird, only as V8 rear wheel drive muscle cars. (To make them fuel efficient give them a fuel management system like the Chrysler HEMI engine).
Greg L 07/05/2012
Yes, Ford did recently release a Mach I - but the body style was not there - not like it is now - Ford needs to redo the Mach I - draw from the great body style of 1973 and then impove it ( just a little ) great things don't need too much tweaking. If Ford will build this - it will sell!!!!!!

Al Peterson 07/03/2012
I don't know what governmental restrictions you have to deal with but I do believe STRONGLY that chrome bumpers are sorely missed at least in my generation. They could be over the existing impact bumper. Could be made out of a impact plastic and have a chrome finish applied or steel for better protection but I also know that weight plays a role. Just as a side bar the back should be concave as was the 1969 but use the wide lights of the modern mustang only have them concave to match the rear of the car. I do believe these sutlie changes would make the Mustang a car people would go "WOW" and not know why! Just food for thought. You really have a good design here with the mustang....LOVE IT even more than my marquis. Good luck to you Ford Motor Co. Al Peterson