Loyalty rewards

By Mark C.

You should have some program for customers who have bought fords for 25 years or longer!! I am currently a ford owner for 25 years. I started with my first purchase for my wife, it was a 1987 Ford escort, then we went on to buy Ford explorers and a taurus.I feel that if you have been loyal to ford, then ford should be loyal back, by offering their customer a card with some kind of discount. In this day and age, where loyalty and customer service is what is required to have continued success, we need to think about long term customers versus short term customers. This will help Ford with continued success!! I hope this idea helps you out!!
Justin 10/22/2010
Ford Loyalty Rewards... Love it. 2006 F150 FX4, and 2011 Fiesta, and soon to be 2012 Focus ST owner.