Lions edition F150

A honalulu Blue and silver editon with the lions logo on the rear quarters and seat backs with a special tailgate feature. Cooler , on board generator(optional), seats etc.
Chrysler is selling thousand on trucks with the red wings edition lets supports the Lions.
jeffrey s 01/15/2013
The idea has to be orginial not copied
Stephen B 01/11/2013
I like the idea of team-themed trucks and SUVs, as they're the best for tailgating. Mine would be an F150 in garnet and gold with a spear pinstripe for Florida State University. I would also like to see more tailgate options. I can see an outlet near the back of the bed for lights or maybe a blender, and maybe some rear-facing speakers, like those offered on the Jeep Patriot, or even the old Subaru Brat. I'd also like to see a USB or MP3 port to the rear of the vehicle, as that's where everyone hangs out at the tailgate party.