Lincoln for young people

By Cale S.

I keep hearing it said that Ford wants to reinvent Lincoln. Yet they still just make copies of the focus, fusion, edge, etc and rebadge them. if you really want to reinvent lincoln you need an all new specific to lincoln rear wheel drive platform with an eb v6 or even an eb v8! maybe even a lincoln supercar!
Nelson M 08/17/2012
Use the Mustang platform for a rear wheel drive luxury coupe. A Mark IX( or would it be Mark X?) would broaden the line and attract customers looking for a coupe type vehicle as well as those looking for rwd.
Carl W 06/13/2012
It could happen easily.
But I have doubts as Lincoln has been the luxury clone to the practical Fords.
Nestor R 06/12/2012
Ford needs to release new technologies, and vehicles that are Lincoln-specific. Make them as different from Ford as possible and I'm willing to bet anything Lincoln will be re-born.
John W 06/08/2012
I like seeing fancy versions of Fords, but he does have a point. Cadillac was reinvented, new platforms and a whole new experience. Lincoln needs that.
I view Cadillac as the American BMW, Lincoln could become the American Audi.