Lincoln Branded Mustang?

1) It’s no secret that at the moment and for the past few years, most/all Lincoln products are just more luxurious (& thus more expensive) versions of current (& often standard) Ford products. I also hate to say it, in most/all cases it’s VERY obvious that it’s “just a Ford” with a “chrome grill.” The same can be said about the Cadillac Escalade vs GM Suburban. It has been a while since Lincoln has had its own dedicated model (the 1999 Jag based Lincoln LS if I’m correct). It’s also no secret that Lincoln is somewhat “floundering” at the moment, especially when compared to Cadillac. I’m no GM fan (neither is my family & can’t imagine ever being one or a GM customer) but let’s all be honest, GM is doing a VERY good job lately with Cadillac, especially offing things like a supercharged Corvette based engine and manual transmission in some its cars (e.g. CTS-V). I’m a “young professional,” (in the 1980’s I would have been called a “yuppie”). If Lincoln wants to lower its demographics, lower the average age of its customers & ultimately sell more vehicles then it needs people similar to me to purchase its products! BUT YOU MUST CREATE A PRODUCT FOR ME & OTHERS LIKE ME TO BUY/WANT! Just like the Ford GT became a “halo car” for Ford, Lincoln could use a sleek coupe with the Mustang being it's base and thus your “halo car” to get people to start talking about Lincoln and bring people in to the dealership(s). We already know that the Mustang GT can go head-to-head performance wise with the BMW M3, why not take a Mustang, change the “rear clip”, add a Lincoln grill, if possible some additional minor external bodywork & trim changes, a “fancier” interior compared to the Mustang such as additional leather w/ suede inserts, some interior wood/brushed metal trim, offer luxury and/or tech features not found in the Mustang (e.g. lane keeping assist, self parking, paddle shifting? etc), paint & finishes that are Lincoln specific (i.e. not available on the Mustang), like the Mustang make it available in a several versions say three (3) versions (not including transmissions) + options (a V6, V8, a LIMITED VERSION/AVAILABILITY V8 SUPERCHARGED & like Cadillac make it available w/ a manual transmission, EVEN IF IT ONLY SELLS A FEW, its already EPA/DOT certified so shouldn’t be too difficult to offer), charge a premium over the Mustang (after all, it’s not a Mustang anymore, it’s now a Lincoln) and VIOLA! What do you think? Also, the higher-end limited available supercharged versions could be Shelby based but with possibly slightly toned down bodywork, Thus, your “Halo” car. I know it’s not exactly that easy, but it’s not exactly that difficult either! Nissan does it with the Infinity g35 & Nissan Z for example! Depending on how far Lincoln wants to go (i.e. cost spend), you can offer it with an independent rear end (unlike ANY Mustang, offer an extended LWB version to make it more of a grand tourer than a “Muscle car”). I think it would be a nice start! I think it will/can appeal to any of these examples, plus more: “young professionals” who want something “higher end” but still “affordable“ (relative term) and more unique than a Mustang, someone who wants a high-end non GM product, someone who wants to buy a high end American product or something rarer and unique than a BMW “3” or “1” Coupe at a more reasonable price. Last but not least, all/most the Ford-Mustang performance parts should/would fit, a selling point to individualize your vehicle and or make it faster/perform better.

2) With the Town Car (Panther platform) now gone (R.I.P), there is a “gap” (honestly, a gaping hole) in the Lincoln Lineup. How about offering a LINCOLN EXCLUSIVE Long Wheel Base version of a “Lincolnized” Taurus, which may attract some of the Town Car’s previous customers. You can even offer a LWB version of the SHO for those who want performance as well.

3) As above, with the Panther platform out of production, a “stripped down” (vinyl interior, etc) LWB version of the Taurus for just for the cab/fleet companies may be a seller? You did it with the Crown Vic (LWB only for Cabs/Fleet customers) so why not a LWB Taurus for Cabs/Fleet? That said, I really do like the Transit Connect, I think it will make a great cab (I live in NYC) & hope it does well!

4) Ford has some excellent & HIGHLY proven chassis & vehicles “down under” in Australia. Why has ford been so resistant about bringing the Falcon (which has a VERY historic name in the US) to North America? The Falcon also seems so appealing because it’s available in so many configurations, everything from a standard I-6 to a performance oriented turbocharged version (another limited edition halo car for Lincoln, a Lincoln “Mercury Maruder”). And, being more of a full sized vehicle, it should hopefully take the place of Town Car/Mercury Marquis (yes, I know Mercury is no longer)

5) How about some diesels? It seems Ford (and many other companies) are devoted to hybrid tech, but a diesel is PROVEN tech, cheaper to produce, with Euro-5 emissions it should pass US emissions without a problem? I don't get why the American car co.s are so against Diesels? VW, BMW, Mercedes are selling them and have ALL SURPASSED their sales figures. With modern diesel technology, you can get a gas (i.e. petrol) performing car, but get twice as many mpg!
Lewis C 12/06/2012
yeah, i kind of like the idea, but i think if anything, Licoln should base their performance car on like a bmw 3 series becuase it would keep Lincolns luxury apects with the high performance stats of a bmw by basing it on such
Jay T 11/05/2012
I'm not sure how a "lincoln mustang" would appeal to people because the mustang is already loaded with many options and packages, but what about a new flagship Lincoln like the cadillac XTS - a huge, sleek, fast sedan with an ecoboost V6 standard and maybe a 5.0 or 6.2 V8 option to make the boat fly?
William M 11/02/2012
My only comment is this. You had a great style when the Lincoln LS was created. It was sleek, powerful, rear wheel drive, great handling and comfort. I own a 2004 model and love it. You need a new Lincoln, combining the LS model and possibly the mustang. Possibly add the ranchero model at the same time. Look at the designs of the 50's, 60's & 70's and you may see something that made all cars unique. Now days, it's hard to tell one carmaker from the next. Be unique, and stand out from the crowd. That's what people want to buy.
RONALD M 10/19/2012
Maybe build a car that is more like the Corvette but be its own! But Lincoln needs to become its own NOT a rebadged Ford. Ford driveline would still be needed to put Lincoln out front but needs to be there own car/ vehicle. What is Ford doing about the LIMO end of Lincoln business? Lincoln not a Ford rebadged!