light interior for Fusion Titanium

By Rob P.

I don't like black interiors. Besides being very hot (especially in Texas!), I think a dark interior makes the car feel smaller. I would like to see a light grey or beige interior offered even on the upper trim levels.
Paul L 07/07/2013
I must agree. The best looking interiors use a combination of colors and textures. I chose the SE over the Titanium just to get the dune leather. This interior look really rich and competitive with the lower class luxuries. You just can't make out the details of the interior when everything is black!
Rick B. 05/17/2013
With all the standard features & options available on the Fusion Titanium, i would call it a luxury car. Light gray or the dune color would be much more luxurious( in leather of course), the black interior tends to be sporty looking.
David M 12/06/2012
I agree hot in the summer and cold in the winter. At the very least give the customer a choice!! All of the people I have talked to agree on having a choice. I would buy an SE. but the exhaust exiting the bumper is not the same as the Titanium.
Saundra 09/18/2012
It is elegant and easy to keep clean looking. I do, however, think that you could offer a wider variety of color choices for those who want them.
Greg V 09/10/2012
Ditto on the dune interior in the Fusion Titanium. Who wants black in Florida. They need to pass this idea to the Mustang convertible as well
dave k 08/23/2012
I agree whole heartedly. i just talked with ford chat about this. the fusion is too dark and in my opinion not nearly as good looking as with the dune leather interior. why does ford limit things like color of leather in their premium package? while i'm at it why can't you get the exterior color "ice storm" on anything but the hybrid.