LED Grill Accent Lighting

By John R.

I currently own an 2014 Ford Fusion Hybrid se and absolutely love, love the car. The lines are sleak and molded nicely. With such a large, expansive grill what I felt was missing was a way for it to stand out. Living in New England, the winters can be long and dark. I placed two rows of 3528 yellow-led, Waterproof, light strips behind the chrome grill lines and another set behind the lower grill behind the black, plastic grill line. The illuminated grill shines and stands out at dusk and at night. I tapped into the fog lights, because the headlamps were to hard to get to. I get so many positive comments pulling into various places. The car has the sleak look of a jet engine exhaust on afterburner. Yellow, by the way, is fine with local and state regulations regarding motor vehicle lighting. I tried doing it in white, but the effect got lost. I would have loved to have tapped solely into the parking lights, but my math suggested that the load would be to much. So far, I have had no problems with the fog light taps. The only drawback to the fog light tap is that the intensity of the grill lighting is somewhat muted by the bright white of the fog lights. The car is mean looking and turns the heads of many Audi driver's I pass by. Ford should turn its focus to led exterior accent lighting in the grills and body lines. There are so many potential ways to have the car stand apart from every other vehicle on the road. Imagine recessed lighting in the lower rocker panels gently illuminating the doors - wow. A frosted body panel or trim with led lighting behind? Ford can take it to the next level and really make the car shine? As an artist, I think the designers on the right track with the Fusion and new Mustang. Great job folks.