Leatherette Seats

By Bob S.

Mercedes and BMW both offer quality leatherette as a seat material option. I'd like to get the C-Max Hybrid with all the bells and whistles, but many of the options are only available on the SEL line, which comes with leather as a standard option.

As a vegan, I wouldn't buy the SEL. If I stick with the base model, none of the high-end options are available and I'm also stuck with a cloth seat. I'd go for clothe if it were offered in the SEL option, but it's not and leatherette would be even better.
dave s 02/06/2013
We would have loved the option of getting cloth seats in our C-Max SEL.
Brad B 11/07/2012
Hey Ford ! I agree with the comment above. My SEL Fusion has the leather seats and man are they hot in the summertime. I'm down to ordering a C-Max and too would like the SEL with cloth seats. Now with the seats addressed how about a roof mount luggage rack for the C-Max?