Leather colors for Escape 2013

By Beth S.

I am very interested in the Escape 2013. But it appears that only interior leather color available is black unless you want to buy a black vehicle? Obviously no one there wants to sell this product in Texas? Its far too hot here to consider a black interior! I want the lighter tan interior (leather) with a light color exterior (glass, tan or platinum white). And black exterior is not going to work!

Its a deal breaker without a light on light combination. Does no one there drive in Texas in the summer?

Thank you!
C S 07/29/2012
I think interiors should be available with 4 colors: lt. gray and taupe colored cloth, and same shades in leather. NO BLACK. The choice of a "warm" and "cool" color option would make any exterior color complemented.
Reza E 06/01/2012
what was wrong with the beige interiors? Too much black and grey interiors cheapens the look for me
Tracy Scott 04/15/2012
Hello , i have ordered a 2013 escape and it comes with light stone interior. Kinda grey tan colored. Just thought you should know. The killer also is leather only available on SEL And Titanium models. Get ready to add 2000.00dollars also
Charles B 04/07/2012
Can't believe black is the only interior leather choice. Deal breaker for me in VA
Barbara H 03/26/2012
I would also like to have a sliding sunroof. Most of the time there is no one riding in the back so I do not want the glass on the rest of the roof.
Barbara H 03/26/2012
I live in FL and would like to purchase a 2013 Escape in Frosted Glass, but will not buy it with Black Leather interior, much too hot for FL. Climate controled seat would be a real plus.
Fred J 03/13/2012
Enjoy my leather but yes, I would like a light color AND the option to have the seat ventilated. Sure makes driving in the Southwest more enjoyable.