king ranch all weather floor mats

By Art J.

Having purchased a late 2012 SD King Ranch F350, I found a very decorative set of coordinated floor mats with King Ranch(KR) logo on them. However, as I use my truck to work with i.e. going out in the pastures, building fence, etc and being around animals. When getting back to the barn, I wash the animal residue off the truck. But the floor mats take a beating (constantly having to wash them while the dirt? is still fresh). I know the All weather black floor mats are for sale, but they don't have the KR logo and coloring. With the KR supposedly being the top end of the SD trucks, i can't believe that there is not an "all weather mat" option or at least an availability from the ford accessories to purchase KR mats. I'm proud to own my KR SD as it will probably be the last of my previous 5 SDs. Can you help us KR owners- Ford?
Thanks- A. Johnson.....