By Erik S.

Why are only all black interiors offered on the most desirable vehicles (F150 Raptor, Taurus SHO, Focus Titanium, etc.)? How about lighter colored interiors? Or a special hot weather prep package for those of us who live in places where the temps can exceed 125*. Lighter colored interiors and better a/c would really make a difference.
John B 12/01/2013
Agreed. I couldn't believe I had to pay upwards of two grand more to not have a black interior. This is a dealbreaker for me plain and simple. I realize it's cheaper for Ford, but it's gonna cost them sales.
Sally S 10/24/2013
Nissan has a pretty light interior choice. My 2010 Taurus is beige. I have always loved white interior! Bet we never see that again? Time will tell.
jane cordes 04/23/2013
In full aggrement, we are now considering heading to a different auto manufacturer.
Ray Bob Todd 04/13/2012
Very GOOD idea black is not a practical interior color for a desert truck. Too hot and shows all the dust.
Matt Martin 09/01/2011
Great idea!
Ross May 06/30/2011
Excellent idea. I have also noticed that on some of the lighter interior options that that is a lot of black thrown in. I think a light interior should be primarily light.
Robert Todd 06/29/2011