I have just today visited a Ford dealer and decided to look up interiors on some vehicles that I have seen on the road today online.  I have found that the Cmax Hybrid and the Focus have pretty bizarre looking instrument panels (aka dash board area).  I think whoever designs the cheaper cars needs to take some cues from the Mustang and the F-150 pickup truck, both of which always have good looking dashes.  I like the exterior of the Focus but the interior is strange looking.  What is with the styling of the center of the dash in the Cmax and the Focus?  It is hideous.  Give the customers some bang for their buck (it is just plastic, you might even be able to save money by trimming down some of the gaudy looking plastic from the center area and making it look more refined) and sales can boost.  I can imagine that sometimes a customer will walk in wanting a cheap car and either get disappointed that they have to spend a lot of money for a sports car or just buy it.  Most of the time I see people browse at dealers and walk off with no new car sold.
The Fusion interior looks ok.  Someone put a little bit of thought into the bigger car.  Still, it could use a little better styling.  Exterior is impressive but the owner cares a lot about the interior since that is mostly what he will see when he owns the vehicle.