Individual Options

By Huy P.

I know a lot of people who don't like everything offered in a specific package, which all car companies now force people into. I think people should be allowed to pick and choose their options if they special order their car.

The reason for these packages is because of the economies of scale and because it makes it easier on dealerships to pick packages rather than individual options. Just make it so that people special ordering can truly get what they want. Also it helps Ford decide how to better package their options if everyone who special order does a certain thing. To make up for the economic impact, just make it so there's a discount associated with packages as compared to individual options.
Andrew B 09/28/2012
I feel that option packages should be literally just that: packages of independently-selectable options. The only time an option should mandate selecting a particular other option is when there is an actual, unavoidable dependency (either for functionality, or for manufacturing practicality) of the one option on the other.

For example, it would be fine for an optional DVD-player system to depend on an optional high-quality display, or for an advanced multi-speaker configuration to depend on a high-end sound system; in those cases, there's an actual functional dependency, the first option can't work properly if the second isn't there. It could also be fine for a heated-seats option to depend on a particular type of seats (e.g. leather), if there was a practical reason for it; it might be for safety reasons (maybe using cloth seats with that sort of heater would be a fire risk?), or the manufacturing methods used might mean that there's no practical way to separate one option from the other in factory assembly. By contrast, it would *not* be fine for a driver-assistance option to depend on a leather-seats option; there is no functional need for the leather in order for the driver-assist option to work, and there's no reason it wouldn't be possible to install the leather and the driver-assist system completely separately.

It should be possible to achieve the exact same result by selecting all of the options individually as by selecting the package; the package should just be a convenience shortcut, to automatically select all of the options at once. It should also be possible to start out by selecting a package, and then de-select some options and select others to achieve a desired configuration.