Import our Aussie Falcon

Hi my name is Warren and I live in Adelaide South Australia, Just a quick word. i would really like to see Ford Aust exporting the Falcon to the US, i know that the car would be a sales success, as there is defanitley demand for them over there, and the Police force would love them as well, because they handle really good, and will easily out handle the Aussie Statesman/ US Caprice, i have seen way too many comments about the car/ute on facebook, and the way GM are looking after Holden here in Oz, i think the same sould be done with Ford US and Ford Oz, thank you Wazza
I live in the US and I would love to buy one! 
brad a 01/05/2013
I loved the utes when I was down under! There are plenty of people that would like the car ride, but truck utility in a compact size. The US compact trucks are often still too tall and ride too rough for many owners. Do they sell it in AWD down in Oz?
warren h 01/02/2013
another thing is the Falcon also has a 5**** safrty crash rating, just like its big brother the Ford Territory, which is built on the Falcon platform....