Illuminated Ford logo

I suggest that The Ford Blue Oval logo be illuminated. Using LED technology, the Blue Oval logo on both the front and rear of the vehicle could be illuminated in the Ford blue color.

There was a company that used to sell after market illuminated Ford logos that replaced the grille logo and was connected through the lighting system. Unfortunately Ford discontinued it's licensing agreement, and the Ford version of the lights are difficult to locate now.

My wife owns a Ford Focus ZX5, in silver, and a lighted Ford logo would enhance the car's appearance.
Jeff T 12/26/2012
I am getting the Fusion Energi and like this idea. I am adding the illuminated door sill, which adds a nice effect. I would love having Ford or/and Fusion illuminated on the outside too.
Richard Johnson 04/28/2011
I'd like it my F450...probably a safety issue not permitted for road use but there has to be someway to include that feature.
james knopp 03/06/2011
I like the idea also, in fact I suggested it here sometime ago also. Way cool idea! Are you reading any of these suggestions Ford?
james knopp 03/06/2011
Comment on this idea!
Benjamin 12/13/2010
I concur, that sounds like a good idea, anything that brings some deserved attention to the Fo Mo Co. Except I think it ought to be used for certain vehicles only. Case in point, I dont think a tough rigorous hard working farm truck F-150 would be an appropriate vehicle, although I definately like envisioning it on my imaginary Ford Lightning in my head.
Adam 05/19/2010
If done properly this could look really cool.