Ideas for future models

By John Z.

I will list what i think should be done with Ford's lineups in North America
Fiesta- add 3-door and mini SUV version with AWD
Focus- bring wagon and/or 3-door to U.S. market
Fusion- perfect as is
Taurus- Needs to lose weight.
Mustang- add an ecoboost V6
Sports car- make a sports car on the Mustang platform that competes with the Corvette. Use a turbo V8
Escape- bring Kuga here as next Escape.
Edge- perfect as is
Explorer- AWD should be standard on all trims. add an ecoboost V6
Flex- redesign with conventional design. get back into the minivan business since you have the Explorer
Ranger- bring next generation international version here. It would sell. drop in an ecbooost 4 and diesel
F-Series- have F-150 and Super Duty use the same bodies, like the Silverado 1500 and HD models do.
Expedition- redesign. needs to lose weight. maybe try an ecoboost V6 or V8
Transit Connect- perfect as is
E-Series- merge with Transit but offer a model with a short roof as some may be scared off by tall roof.

MKC- compact notchback based on C concept. add AWD and ecoboost 4
MKZ- needs to be more in line with Lacrosse and ES.
MKS- make AWD only. add performance model with ecboost V6
MKR- Bring next RWD Falcon here as the MKR. Spruce up exterior styling and drop in an ecoboost V8
MKX- needs to be more in line with RX and SRX
MKT- redesign with more conventional design. Make AWD standard and take on upcoming Cadillac CUV