HIgh Mileage Club

By C G.

Ford should issue High Mileage Club Awards - similar to Volvo's - where vehicles that hit a verified 250k, 400k, etc. (or something along these lines) in mileage can receive a grille badge proudly signifying this point. Great selling tool, too, as owners of other makes can stand back and say, "Woah!". I've already turned 260,000 miles on my '02 Focus Wagon, and plan on going for another 260k! She's an amazing and awesome vehicle.
Brian 07/11/2014
I have 351K+ on my 1998 Taurus SE Comfort.
Cuyler T 06/29/2014
I've got 167,000 on my '08 Focus, this would be a great idea to show how awesome Fords are!
Lemmy 05/29/2014
Not sure how many miles my 2010 GT500 will get. But it has an iron block and runs 5W-50 synthetic so maybe one day I'll be able to join the club. I'm going to try.
Lance W 05/17/2014
324,000 on an 01 Mustang GT climbing Daily
Steve Komer 01/08/2014
Ive got a 1996 Ford Windstar LX with 337K and climbing daily. Synthetic oil changes since new!!
Doc 12/30/2013
Have 202,000 on 2003 hatchback; same engine and trans. Just change oil every 3000 miles.
Marisa 07/30/2013
I have a 1990's Ford Taurus with 809,000 miles on it, where can I get in! It still runs too I'm sure it could go another 100,000 !
Jack G 07/15/2013
I have 450K on my focus and I am still going strong.  This is a great idea 
Jake B 05/05/2013
bring back the high mileage club! the new owner advantage thing sucks!
samuel 03/20/2013
FORD ARE YOU LISTENING! There's a perception that only foreign cars are capable of this and they have many loyal followers. Perhaps Ford can benefit by listening and telling these stories.
K R H 12/27/2012
I totally agrree with 215,00+
Larry Williams 07/30/2012
Just hit 371,000 on my 2003 Windstar. Just routine maintance done since new.
Unlike some of the high mileage stories, I only have 236,000 on my F150. Ordinary engine, use high mileage oil and add a quart when i hear the tap, tap. I was thinking about a new one, until I read stories about 400,000 or 600,000 on yhese other trucks. Bought a set of chains when I bought the truck and haven't opened them yet!!
Joshua T 04/14/2012
I came on here to post a similar idea. My '04 Freestar just hit 200k and I'm proud of it...I tried to find a badge online...ebay...google...all I can find are Volvo or Benz badges. This doesn't give me a lot of hope or excitement to shoot for 300k. Let's start making 'em!
Lianne Cook 12/21/2011
i'm heading to 300k with my '94 flareside and would love to see a higher than 100k mileage badge!
Jonathan Mullen 11/19/2011
This would be great!