Henry Series

By Ken G.

I'm a Big big Mustang Fan, I was thinking that Ford, The Ford Motor Company really really should be Proud of themselves , having to compete with all these other automotive companies , like Dodge , Chev, GMC, and not having your hands out for any type of bailout, You know you guys are thinking out-side the Box, which I for 1 think is a gr8 idea, you know you guys have The Ranger Trucks, The F-150's and , The F-650 and F-750 Work Trucks, The Super Duty Truck's and Utility Trucks, But I really really think you guys need to come out with a Truck like no Truck before , I really think it should be a Henry Series , Henry Ford Series , I'm sure this isn't the type of ideas that you was looking for, But I really think you guys need to take this to your next Board Meeting and really really think about, This would have to be the Ultimate Truck , that fit's the Ultimate Man Henry Ford, I really think it's time of that Line of Series The Henry Series to Hit The US.... Like No Other Truck !!!
Aron A 02/06/2013
Great idea, could even be a limited edition also!!