Height Adjustment on Focus ST

By Eric M.

I love driving my 2014 Ford Focus, but can't stand being in the passenger seat.  Why is there not a seat height adjustment for the passenger side.  I sit too high in the passenger seat compared to the drivers seat.  Does Ford offer any ideas on how to get a seat that can be lowered.
Kenneth G 04/16/2014
I always choose a Ford Fiesta for my Mobility car, I like everything about the Fiesta hatchback, the only downside I have with it is that the passenger seat has no height adjustment, my wife is small in stature and is always complaining for me to change to a different car because she misses not being able to see much above the dashboard (through the windscreen), it does get most annoying on a long journey through the countryside, my next change for the mobility car is March 2015, so I would be grateful for any feedback on this subject