Height Adjustment for Mustang passenger seat

By Carl P.

My wife loves driving my new 13' Mustang GT, but hates being a passenger. She is 5'0", she can adjust the height on the driver seat to feel comfortabe and have a safe view of the road. But she says she as a passenger she feels like she's sitting in a hole and can't really see anything out the windshield but street signs. She has to make sure I bring a small pillow with us if she is going ride in the car with me. Why not put an adjustable hand pump on the passenger seat like you have on the standard model driver seat. Thank you.
Robert B 05/11/2013
I couldn't agree more. I'm looking for a solution so my wife will enjoy riding with me again. I've thought about putting spacers between the rails and the flooring just so she can see over the hood. Any other suggestions?
Paul P 07/01/2012
I agree. My wife has the same problem with my '11 Mustang. I'm 6-1 and feel like a little kid in the passenger seat.