Heated leather seats option

By Hans G.

There are five options I want on my new 2013 Fusion.
1. automatic transmission for convenience
2. start stop functionality for the engine to save fuel
3. rear sensing system so I don't hit something backing up
4. keyless entry keypad so I can enjoy watersports and not worry about the key
5. heated Leather Seats, so I can relax my back during driving with heat

Those are the only 5 options I want on MY car. I check out the Ford website for the upcoiming fusion. So if I start with the 203A Equipment group for the 2013 Ford Fusion. . I get options 1 and 4 standard. That is fine. I can add individually options 2 & 3. Sweet. However, I am not allowed to select just the leather heated seats for option 5. I have to add the 205A package. I am sure other customers to want to add just leather heated seats and not the Luxury Package. I don't want the standard 205A package, and the additional premium for the other gadgets! I just want the leather heated seats.
Kelly J 12/30/2012
I bought a 2013 Taurus..SEL with heated seats, which foe medical reasons need for back. It was hard enough coming from a H2 Hummer SUT to a car...lol love the gas though :-) BUT... I didn't know if in the 13 models.. changed the heating. element or what? all I know as we have also uh 3 or 4 for trucks and to which have had the heated seats. for some reason the heat is not very strong not like the others I did not know if there is a way the dealership to adjust the heating element or what? does anybody else having issues with this
Andrew h 12/21/2012
heated seats SHOULD BE STAND ALONE OPTION! C'mon Ford, listen up!
Pat F 08/16/2012
I'd like to see this on all models - heated seats should be a stand alone option