hardtop retractable mustang

My wife and I are torn, she wants a mustang hardtop and I want a convertable. We went car shopping the other day and found that VW and Mazada both have retractable hardtops already in the market place. We were wondering why Ford does not make a hardtop retractable Mustang, it would be the perfect compromise car for us. Others I am sure would love the idea as well
JJMJRDEC J 09/03/2012
protection is needed in case of roll over,roll bar is not the solution
David F 07/17/2012
I can see why Ford doesn't want a hardtop convertible, horsepower and weight.. But seriously: the new look, technology, versatility, noise reduction. I would love to see this new look on the Mustang, plus the original Mustang convertibles came with manual removable hardtops, so why not add to this new technology to the Ford Mustang. I see this on the new Mercedes Benz and BMW coupes and would love to see this on an American Ford.