hard top convertible Mustang

Naturally the Ford Mustang is shifting back to its 1964.5 roots. So why not keep with the times of modern luxury sports cars and give the option of a hardtop convertible. The old convertibles had the removable fastback tops. I would never drive a German car or a GM Transformer, but Ford had had the hardtop convertible from day one and a transforming hardtop would be a new take on a classic concept.
Don 04/14/2012
I have a Mustang GT 2012 convertible. I'd have to see it first before buying it.
Michael M 04/10/2012
I'd be first in line for hard top conv Mustang or Fusion
Alex P 04/05/2012
I'd drive a hardtop convertible Mustang. Too bad the 2013 looks like the shelbys