Handicap Accessible Van

By Cj K.

Why doesn't Ford make a handicap accessble van? If you really care about us, do this and let us know. Conversion companies charge a fortune for something that Ford could make for half the price. Why should I have to go out and buy a van and then take it to some converstion company to be chaged basically the cost of another van for the conversion? I've been in a wheelchair for 37 years and have owned several Ford vans. I've been waiting, with no luck, for Ford to step up and make a factory direct handicap conversion van but, I guess I'll just have to keep hoping. PLEASE, in the name of humanity, do this for us, the disabled Americans, which includes: Verterans, Police Offices, Fire Fighters, etc. I  really think ford is missing a great opportunity in a whole new market. Think about it, there are thousands of us out here waiting and ready. And, believe me, they would be buying Ford conversion vans left and right. Ford would have a kind of monopoly because they would be the only company doing this. And, yes, handicap people do have money, believe it or not. Please don't let this idea be burried in a stack somewhere only to die. Thank you for allowing me to present this idea to you.