Global ford ranger Crew Cab

By T D.

I currently drive a Ford Explorer Sport Trac. I have been holding on to it on rumors the F100/ Ranger was being resurrected. I, like millions of people, live in a suburban area where the standard garages will not support a crew cab F150 (nice truck). I have read articles and seen pictures of the 2012 global Ranger 4X4 Four door. Perfect!!!! Do all of us suburban folks a favor and bring it to the US. I know concerns of siphoning sales away from F150, but yesterday I went and looked at Tacomas and Dakotas. Please offer a performance package too. I don't drive enough to worry about a few mpg. There are thousands just like me out here.
Hawk327 12/23/2012
This truck would be a good addition to the ford portfolio. Yes it will take some of the F-150 sales. But that will be more than made up for by the sales taken from Toyota & Nissan. This would make a significant contribution to the avg. fuel economy requirements. A few things that will extend the sales #s. 44.7 inches between the wheel wells??? Find 4 more inches. That's just 2 inches per side. We want to be able to haul ply wood and sheetrock. Put the eco4 in the regular cab and you will have a great fleet seller. Next, close in the back and change the grill and call it a Bronco. There are few SUVs any more that can do "actual" work or play off road. Also, make it "dingy friendly" for the RV world. A real neutral in the transfer case & a package that can just plug into the tow vehical for lights and brakes. Thaks Ford Keep up the good work.
Joseph M 09/03/2012
I just dig the specs on the diesel global ranger. Yes diesel is more expensive, but with the engine improving 20-30% in mileage, the 10% increase in fuel cost is worth it. Plus I can make a choice to use alternative diesel options. Biodiesel is way more common in new England compared to E85. Plus the energy needed to make E85 is greater than the energy to make the biodiesel.
Donald Fick 02/03/2012
I currently drive a 2010 Ranger 2wd, my fifth since 1983, and they have all been extremely dependable. I agree that most Ranger owners will not buy an F150 because of their size. It simply won't work for me for the type of things I use it for. Bring the Ranger back.
Tom A. 12/01/2011
We don't all want, much less need, the monster that the F150 has become. Sure, it's a great truck, but it's huge and expensive and hell on gas (as all large pickups are). Where is my 2.0L EcoBoost 4x4 Ranger?!?
Kevin Hurt 11/14/2011
That 2012 Non-US Ford Ranger looks good, Would have loved to purchase it.
Brad Krekelberg 09/22/2011
Agreed. I just find it really hard to believe there's no room for a Ranger in the US market. Dodge has been selling the Dakota, which has always been close in size to the Ram for a very long time. And a Ranger could only be good for your Corporate Average Fuel Economy.