ford trucks grizzly addition

Most people will disagree with this idea but i think it would be a great idea and a lot of people would love this truck if it actually came out on the market in the next couple of years. So dodge just released the ram mossy oak addition, well why not hit them back with the ford truck series grizzly addition!! So many people today dip and one of the top brands is grizzly. I believe that this truck would sell fast and quick if it was in the market today. I for one would definitely purchase this truck. The customizations would be grizzly seats, grizzly paint job, and in the center concel area they could put a mini refrigerator where people could keep there dip nice and moist all the time instead of dry and nasty. It would have to have the raptors engine or if they want make it bigger for a superior rore when you drive around and grab others attention by this truck. I hope the company would make this customization one day and it would be huge.
joshua k 07/06/2012