Ford - The American Brand

Dear FoMoCo,

As a lifelong FORD enthusiast and coming from a Ford family I hope you take this into consideration. Recently the Mustang has come out in "retro-style" models. These have been considerably successful and great looking vehicles. Although the Mustang is quite the staple of FORD engineering, I think everyone knows that the FORD Truck is the backbone of the company. With a passion steming from the late 70's model (particularly the 77-79 model) Ford F-Series pickups my love of Ford vehicles has branched out and I've owned 7 Ford vehicles myself at age 25. I take tremendous pride in the fact that Ford is an American brand, and wish that Ford would be more proactive in being the #1 Made In The USA Brand. The reason for this message is to say that I wish that you, Ford would come out with a retro-model of the 79 Ford Bodystyle with new-age technology. It was this body make that set the F-Series apart as the #1 Selling automobile. I believe I and Ford enthusiasts like myself have been a reason for success of the company over the years being somewhat of an ambassador to the public. Please let me know thoughts on the idea. Please bring back FORD as THE American Brand, American needs this and right now this would only further your success.

Thank you.
brad a 01/05/2013
I believe the new Superduty sort of resembles it, with the new hood style draping over the sides and front. Well, that was my first thought on it. If I bought a new one, I thought about making a new grill incorporating or mimicking my 79, which was also my first truck, which I still have!