Ford T-Bird, shift lever, + V-8 for MKZ

ALMOST PERFECT (should offer a shift lever)
The new MKZ is almost perfect, with great colors, leather seats, features, and exterior design. Great job. After seeing the beautiful console, would prefer a wood strimmed shift lever over the button. The shift lever is a critical driver feature, hopefully Ford will add back the shift lever to the MKZ. At least as an option, it should offer a shift lever. The new MKZ is a car that has strong buyer appeal and is bound to generate sales.

PRESTIGE V-8 performance image
The 4 cyclinder and V-6 engines are nice, but it should offer a small V-8 for prestige as well as luxury performance appeal. Surely Ford can make a small V-8 that meets the requirements.

Perhaps these branding options have been discussed:
1. Make Ford luxury cars with Thunderbird for MKZ, and drop Lincoln brand name entirely.
2. Keep Lincoln and give it a youthful appeal?
3. New Luxury nameplate, eg. Star, Aster,

Ford Brass might consider, the new MKZ could have been called a Thunderbird and carried the Ford emblem and generate much excitement. Lincoln, with its fanfare might be alright as a name over time with some youth building appeal ads, yet it carries a reminder of tragic events in history of two past presidents to be specific and that may be a concern going forward with younger buyers. Ford could make a clean break and create Ford luxury performance brand (the 1973 Thunderbird was as luxurious as the 1973 Mark IV).

Lincoln has had sharp TV ads with powerful images, yet with sober mature appeal. The name either should focus on a new youth appeal with youthful drivers for entry level models or perhaps drop the name Lincoln entirely and place the luxury cars within Ford for intensity/ brand enrichment.