Ford Ranger Part Dux

I belive Ford should Keep the Ford Ranger. Why? There is a HUGE market for Young men and women. Ages 18-30 who'd Love to have a small truck without the Big Truck price. I myself included. By Not producing/updating the current gen-Ranger, Ford is making a bad desicion and allowing these hundreds of thousands of potential customers to flock to other manufacturers. I know the Economy isn't that great, but by getting Rid of the Ranger, your making the Economy worse by laying off all those people who Built the Ranger, as well as the suppliers and proving to America that Ford doesn't produce what we want. So, I propose an' idea of.. if you are going to end the Rangers lifecycle, please keep the Idea of it on the back burner simmering until the economy turns around.

Building a US Ranger, Roughly the same size works, but make it more affordable and Keep it practical. Too many manufacturers are making their 'small' truck Bigger than life itsef. That ruins the essence of a small truck. To me, the Ranger captures something that is lost here in America. The pride and freedom of being yourself. I have driven' a few Ranger's and I had a Smile every time I got behind the wheel. Don't take that feeling away from us Ranger lovers by forcing an' F-150 down our necks. By the way, As of December 5th, I'll be the Proud and Very Happy 2nd owner of a 1986 Ford Ranger XLT Supercab 4wd with less than 100K miles on it. If you come to western Washington, you'll see my lil' Ranger bee-bopping around town. I'll Drive a Ford before I Drive Anything Else.-me
Chris Queisser II 02/17/2012
I agree also! a lot of people can't afford the big full-sized F-series, and actually PERFER a smaller truck (I'd be one of them)
Travis Gray 12/29/2011
Strongly Agreed!!!
Tom A. 12/03/2011