Ford Ranchero

By Tim W.

I've made a drawing of a new Ranchero design having the front of the 2013 Fusion. Kept all the body lines in it and brake lights of the 2013 escape. It's a two-seater like the other ones and has the usual packages the fusion has with rear bumper modifications. Everyone I've showed the sketches to likes them and would buy one of the cars.
John T 06/26/2014
Bring back the Ranchero. You'd have the whole market to yourself.
Bill T 01/31/2013
I like the idea very much. Ford would have to do research to see if it is viable. GM's Cheverolet tried this several years back. Like many of their ideas, it flopped and they changed their name to Govt Motors.
Leo I 01/30/2013
Bring back the el camino and put the ecoboost in it...
William M 12/28/2012
Ok,,,so post a pic of your idea. Also go to Ford Australia and look at their falcon Ranchero. Ford just doesn't offer us the same vehicles that are offered elsewhere and that makes me sad.